Our Story

Sweaty Chix Fitness was created in 2005. It started with 1 group exercise instructor and 2 students. Within a couple of years, it had grown to 18 instructors, 21 classes per week and over 2,000 students! 


We were getting fit, becoming confident and making friends…all without Smith machines, treadmills or gym-tosterone. As word has spread about our ego-free classes and friendship building fitness, others have reached out to join the fun. 


So recently we decided to link arms with other independent group fitness instructors and—yes, even a few gyms—to create the largest network of amazing group fitness classes in the whole world! 

So if you’re tired of walking by the meatheads pumping iron and fighting for a spot in that intimidating gym class, check out our locations and start sweating with the Chix!


Each Sweaty Chix Fitness is independently owned and operated. Because Sweaty Chix is not a franchise, each facility is able to offer the group fitness classes that best fit YOU. In other words, schedules and classes vary. 


If there’s not a Sweaty Spot close to you, be patient! We’re growing fast. Or better yet… start your own Sweaty Chix Fitness, and be the group fitness leader in your area!  

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