Partner FAQ’s

How much does it cost to start a Sweaty Chix Fitness?

Unlike franchises which cost thousands, to become a Sweaty Chix Fitness partner or affiliate you pay one flat fee (or the monthly payment option). There are no royalties or franchise fees.


What is the difference between a Partner and an Affiliate?

A Sweaty Chix Fitness partner is someone who wants to use the Sweaty Chix Fitness name and logo. Generally, our partners want our help with growing their business and branding their services. We offer full support to our partners to help them reach their goals. Sweaty Chix affiliates are facilities that are established and branded. They are basically paying to tap into our network and be part of our online directory.


Will my partnership fees increase?

Your licensing renewal cost will never change. 


What are the requirements to become an partner?

Anyone can become an affiliate! It does make the learning curve easier to have some experience in group fitness and/or business, but with the support that we offer, you can learn all you need to know to run a successful program.


What is included in a Sweaty Chix partnership?

  • Legal use of the Sweaty Chix Fitness name and logo
  • Advertising on the Sweaty Chix website
  • Access to the the Sweaty Chix partner Biz in a Box
  • Marketing support from Sweaty Chix Fitness, Inc. 


Can I become an partner if I live outside of the United States?

Absolutely! You can become a partner or an affiliate anywhere in the world.


Is Sweaty Chix Fitness a franchise?

No. Partners and affiliates are operating as a network under the Sweaty Chix name. There are no franchise fees or ongoing royalties.


Do I need to have my own building?

No. We recommend subleasing from an existing business, but you can begin teaching classes anywhere – even in your own home! 


How much should I charge students?

You can set your own rates. We recommend doing market research on what is available in your area and charge accordingly.

Have any questions?

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