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Got GYM-timidation? 

Do you get a headache just thinking about going to the gym? Do you have to elbow your way to your favorite spot in Zumba®? How about those greasy gym rats that stare down your shirt during your deadlifts? 


If these questions resonate with you, then you have come to the right place! 


We’ve solved the dilemma that has plagued normal people since the days of Jack LaLane: How to get healthy without having to exercise. Of course we still have to sweat, but we’ve learned that exercising with friends makes fitness seem more like play than pain.


Sweaty Chix Fitness has taken exercise to a new level. We’ve created a network of the best group fitness classes, making them available to you. Along with our online directory, we help our partners and facilities provide an atmosphere of friendship and inclusion so that your journey toward health can be enjoyable and rewarding.


We are not a franchise. Each of our partners and facilities are independently owned, so the schedules and classes vary. With the Sweaty Chix name you can always be sure that you will leave class with amazing energy, a stronger body, more confidence and great friends! 


Some of the classes offered by our partners and affiliates include: 









High Fitness®

introducing our very own SCF Drench®


…and many others. 


Check the map for a location near you. If you don’t see one nearby, consider becoming the first Sweaty Chix Fitness partner in YOUR area! 

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