What Is SCF Drench? 

With 4 fast-paced sections - lower body, upper body, back/butt, and abs - SCF Drench is a full-body, KILLER workout incorporating strength, cardio and flexibility. It's a High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) format you don't want to miss.

Each section includes three (3) rounds of strength and cardio moves. Class finishes with a yoga-based flexibility section and cool down, including stretches and breathing. 

Become an Instructor*

With an SCF Drench certification, you will be qualified to teach H.I.I.T., Bootcamp, Total Body Conditioning, Pump, and Circuit Training.

*Receive 10 AFAA Ceu's upon completion.

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What People Are Saying
About the Class


"SCF Drench is the best! My classes have grown substantially since I started teaching this format."

  - Stepper M.


"It is the best one hour workout around. You get strength, cardio and flexibility all in one workout. What more could you ask for?"

  - Mindy Z. 


"I love this class because I feel like it works out every part of my body while still doing cardio! After the workout I can feel that my metabolism is higher and I keep burning calories for hours. It is a great workout!"

  - Patty H.


"I feel like both the instructors and those taking this class will experience physical success and that it can be adapted to all types of fitness level."

  - Michelle W.


The first time I tried SCF Drench, I was floored. I hadn't found a class that gave me everything I needed without taking away every hour of my day. I especially love the yoga at the end. 

  - Kim Y.


What People Are Saying
About the Training

"I love this program! It is following the new trend in fitness that hits all of your patrons' needs in their visit to a fitness/wellness facility. In this class you learn how to combine cardio, stength and stretching demands in just an hour class. I love all the work that went into the little details about body placement cues, safety cues, as well as motivational cuing. 

"I also feel that it is a great refresher and builder of information to those that are already teaching."

  - Michelle W. 


"It was by far the most complete program I've taken so far; including science behind, programming and group FX Instructor information.... I'd highly recommend this program. It truly is the best certification.... A great format for all instructors old and new."

  - Rachel H.


"I'm newer to the fitness industry and sometimes feel insecure about my knowledge of anatomy and exercise science. Of the four fitness certifiations I've acquired, SCF Drench has the most robust coverage of the subject. Not only did I come away from the training feeling confident in my ability to teach a Drench class, I gained an undertanding of physiology and exerise that will benefit every platform I teach moving forward. 

Thank you for a most excellent online certification training!"

. - Miriam E.