Chix FAQ’s

What if I have never exercised?

If you feel self-conscious about your fitness level (or anything else), Sweaty Chix Fitness is the perfect place for you! At Sweaty Chix you get an A+ for just showing up! Everything else is extra credit.  


Can men come to Sweaty Chix?

Yes! You would be surprised at how many men love Sweaty Chix classes… And it’s not just husbands! We joke and say that a man must be very confident to come to SCF, but the truth is, it’s the smart ones that come! Where else can they spend time with such amazing Chix! But keep in mind, we do reserve the right to kick out anyone (man or woman) for being inappropriate or offensive.  


What classes does Sweaty Chix Offer?

Since each “sweaty spot” is independently operated, what and when classes are offered depends on each individual owner. With that said, they want students to be happy so if there is a class you would like to see on the schedule, make sure to let them know! 


Can I become a Sweaty Chix Fitness partner if I’m not a fitness instructor?

Yes! Whether or not you are an instructor, Sweaty Chix Fitness is a great business opportunity. You can hire instructors to teach for you, or you can become one yourself.*  


*Check out SCF Drench! That might be the perfect class for you to start teaching!

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