What’s the Secret to Packing my Classes?

The fitness industry can be a cut-throat business. Instructors not only compete for the best time slots, but they seem to battle for the students as well. I worked for a gym once that gave new instructors 2 months to fill their classes. If they didn’t, the instructor got the boot as well as a strike on their reputation among the locals . That seemed pretty drastic to me, and I was grateful that I was taking over an existing class that already had nice numbers.

Sometimes filling up your class is just a matter of time and patience. Time to get the word out about your amazing-ness, and patience in yourself to learn what students want. That said, there are some tricks to becoming “that instructor”.  You know, the one who seems to turn the newbies into groupies and the bosses into buddies.

I decided to ask a few of my “Rockstar Instructor” friends how they cultivate their following. Here are a few of their tips:

• Become friends with your students....

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Do my Students Need to be Sore to See Results from their Workout?

In Jane Fonda’s 1980’s aerobics world, the slogan was “No pain. No gain.”. In other words, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is directly proportional to our fitness and muscle growth. Well, we’ve learned a lot since ole’ Jane led us through the butt-busting Rover’s Revenge, mainly that the old adage is a myth.

It is true that when we workout, especially strength training exercises, we cause microtrauma to the muscle fibers. (This has to happen in order for the muscle to grow.) This microtrauma in turn causes inflammation which results in muscle soreness. Though a certain degree of discomfort after a rough workout is normal and probably necessary, it’s a poor indicator of muscle growth, and it certainly can’t be used to measure the effectiveness of the workout. For one thing, too much microtrauma can cause injury and prevent future workouts from even happening. Plus, everyone is different. Just like some people burn calories...

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