What are the Benefits of Certifying in Multiple Group Fitness Formats?

I’ve been a kickboxing addict almost since the first Tae Bo video hit the shelves. I became certified in that format and set out to get a class at a gym. I was great at Tae Bo! Billy Blanks even put me in one of hit videos, and I thought that would be enough.

I couldn't have been more wrong!

I had no idea how difficult it would be to get a class at a gym. There were a few reasons why my first auditions didn’t go well. First of all, I wasn’t very experienced. Second, I wore baggy sweatpants… in a size XL.  But aside from that, my biggest disadvantage was knowing ONLY Tae Bo. I was asked at every audition what other formats I could teach, and I had to answer, “Just the one.” 

Being a GX instructor is just like anything else in life… the more you learn, the more valuable you become. You can become a translator if you know two languages. You can become a highly sought after translator that works for a secret agency in the government if you speak 5 languages. You can be in an orchestra if you play an instrument. You can conduct an orchestra if you can play lots of instruments. You can be a gymnast if you can master the high beam. You can be an Olympic gymnast if you can master the high beam, the floor routine, the parallel bars, etc. You get my drift, right? As a GX instructor you are much more valuable to a gym if you can teach and sub multiple formats.

Another reason to become certified in more than one format is because it will help you become a better instructor. You have to take many different types of classes in college so that you become experienced and well-rounded. Group fitness is no different.  The more you know, the better you are.

One example is cueing. When I certified for Zumba, I learned to use visual cues. We didn’t have to use a mic but instead used hand signals. Years later I decided to certify in UJAM. Ujam used verbal cueing with the mic. One time after UJAM class a student told me that I was easy to follow because I used my hands as well as my voice. I didn’t even realize I had been using the visual cues until she said that. There are lots of examples I could give, but instead I suggest you try out one of our trainings and see if you don’t learn something in there that will also apply to one of your current formats.

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