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Formats, Trainings and Certifications

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SCF Drench

SCF Drench is a structured, full-body, sweat-inducing interval training format that will pack your classes. Combining strength moves with plyometrics, it's a H.I.I.T. certification on steroids!   (AFAA 10 ceu's ACE .7 ceu's)

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SCF Kix is a cardio-pumping interval workout that focuses on the correct kickboxing technique and hard-core endurance moves and combos. As with all of our formats, class ends with a yoga-based breathing and stretches.

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SCF Step I.T.

SCF Step I.T. is a dynamic full-body, circuit workout that combines cardio step movements with strength-building resistance training. Step classes are back, baby, and this will have you in high demand for the big classes

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Each Sweaty Chix Fitness Format Contains ALL Three Elements of Fitness...

Strength • Cardio • Flexibility

Simple • Affordable • Fun

Our trainings are perfect for new and experienced GX Instructors. Expand your class repertoire. Earn CEU's. Learn new skills.


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